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Wedding under budget? – Consider these last-minute additions!

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Being intentional with your budget the moment you become engaged can help in many ways. Start with your priorities first, then as you come closer to your wedding day, do you have room in the budget for any of these additions?

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Thinking about where your priorities lie will help decide where your money will go. If you don't want to feel rushed and spend some time with your bridal party, invest the money into your cocktail hour to create more time between the ceremony and reception. Figure out what's most important to you both, and invest in that.

Book a session with your photographer for pictures in your dress after the wedding

This is your chance to be EXTRA! Make it a theme – Gothic? Artistic? Editorial? Wear your hair differently. Also, get any missed detail shots from your day and you won't have to compromise different photo locations, this can save time on the day of. You can use the photos for thank you cards, or even your first Christmas card as a married couple.

Custom gifts for parents or bridal party

Creating a memento or heirloom for your parents is a great way to honor them on the big day. An embroidered handkerchief with your mother's favorite flower and initial or a personal message is something she will cherish.

Get something for your girls! I love the look of a classic white button-up nightie and get them embroidered and customized for each girl. For the guys, a customized golf shirt or polo can have the boys pulling up to "game day" in style!

Save it! – Congratulations!

There's nothing wrong with NOT spending the extra money. You’re under budget – save it for a rainy day, add that excursion you wanna do on the honeymoon, save for a house, or whatever is important to you and your new life together!

Upgrade to open bar or top shelf.

Who doesn’t like open bar, and with wedding guest lists becoming smaller and more exclusive, why not splurge? There's a difference between Windsor and Jameson or White Eagle and Grey Goose.

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Add music to cocktail hour!

Add a live band, duo, or trio – adds that extra element. Having entertainment can keep your guests occupied and buy you some time to have a moment just the two of you or get away with your wedding party between the ceremony and the reception. Night owls? Add an extra hour with your venue and DJ. Keep the vibe going!


Need help figuring out how to elevate your day or help to stay under budget, that's where we come in! Reach out to us here and let's talk about how we can help you make your day one-of-a-kind.

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What are you thinking about adding to your day? Share with us below! Remember to be intentional with your choices, it's YOUR day!

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