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Making my dreams come true,
helping you create yours.

My dad has always called me "Miss Party Planner." From weddings, baby showers to my Grandma's 70th birthday, throughout my life, I've been organizing events that bring people together. With over 10 years in hospitality and catering, I understand the behind the scene elements that make up a smooth and stress-free day. I help you create goals and focus on what is most important on the big day. We frame your personalized vision to reflect who you are and your love story. Being the go-to connection for your wedding day, trust me to be your advocate to care for all stages and situations. At Greene Frame Events, choose me to be a part of your lasting memories and to make your event unique to you!

A Type-A personality still allows space for spontaneity. In my free time, I enjoy traveling with family and friends, attending music concerts and cheering on my favorite team the Washington Capitals. I embrace the gorgeous scenery our area has to offer by biking, hiking the trails, skiing, and enjoying Lake Superior.

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"Now, the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art."  - High Fidelity

  1. My Crew - Has been my guests since day one.

  2. Prince - The Beautiful Ones

  3. Washington Capitals - Rock the Red!

  4. Concerts - Seen over 50 artists!

  5. Duluth, Minnesota - Everything down to the accent.

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