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Congrats your engaged! Now what?

2024 is said to be a record year of engagements. It can be so exciting after the proposal to dive right into wedding planning, but it can be daunting to know where to begin. Take a look at our first steps in planning after you become engaged below.

A wedding couple hugging on a beach looking out at Lake Superior.

Photo by: Alisha Fenn Photography

Venue: Park Point Beach House - Duluth, MN

With life just beginning for you both, taking on a monster like planning a wedding can be daunting. Not knowing where to begin, but being super excited is a weird mix of emotions. That's why we're here to help!

Check out our tips for what to do the moment you get engaged.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to celebrate your engagement! You may want to dive right in which is great but this is such a crucial time to be present. Take a weekend away, go out for a night on the town, cook a special meal, host a small party with close friends - whatever it is, celebrate this momentous time in your love story.

Tell your friends and family when it feels right! If it's right away, great! Consider taking some time to marinade in the excitement without any distractions - or opinions, trust us, they're coming!

Empty cocktail glasses on a wheel barrle

Vikre Distillery

Photo by: Brookklyn Photo

Venue: The Garden - Duluth, MN

Have some serious talks about what type of wedding you BOTH want

It's time to have a serious sit-down and talk realistically about what your wedding day looks like. Be sure to listen to each other's needs and find compromise in areas that you can. Another thing to consider is the financial piece of it, it may seem obvious, and getting down to numbers can be a downer, but it can end up saving you money in the end if you're honest with what you can afford.

Take advantage of our Wedding Budget Calculator - yours free for subscribing here!

Write a guest list draft

We have all our couples start here. You may have a rough number that you're thinking, but once you get it down on paper (even better in a spreadsheet!), you can be a lot more realistic with the scale of your wedding. We have so many couples that when we ask how many they're expecting, the number is super high and it's WAY less than how many they actually invite. Having a more realistic guest count number can also help when reaching out to vendors, trust us, that'll be a question every vendor will ask, so having an accurate number will help you get accurate quotes.

A wedding couple and their guests on the stairs of a church.

Photo by: Michaela Graw

Venue: The Garden - Duluth, MN

Set a date or season

It seems like this is an age-old question since we were little girls, are you a winter bride or a summer bride? Personally, we love a good spring wedding when it's a bit dreary in Duluth. The pictures always turn out so good because the light is so diffused.

Things to think about first are life events, work schedules, and when you can be financially ready to pay for a wedding. Another thing to consider is if a season has any significance to the two of you, start there as your first choice, and then rank your next two seasons as second or third choice. Remember to be flexible, especially if you find a venue you love, they may not have the season that's your top choice, just consider what's most important to you.

Wedding couple looking at a freight ship.

Photo by: Jeska Jane Photography

Venue: The Garden - Duluth, MN

Local Pro tip: If Duluth is your wedding destination, be aware of high-volume weekends such as Grandma's Marathon or Tall Ships, it can be IMPOSSIBLE to get a reasonable hotel accommodation.

Hire a planner!

Ok, we may be a little biased, but this is crucial! Getting a planner before you get into the nitty-gritty of planning can save you so much headache and most importantly - money! At the very least you need an event management package or a day-of coordinator, leaving the day up to chance or friends and family is a recipe for disaster. The last thing you both want on your day is everyone looking at you for direction.

Need more great tips to make your day personal to you?


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