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Bridal Shower Venues

Long gone are the days of traditional bridal showers, they have come a long way from utilizing a church's basement, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's still a great budget option and a way to incorporate your childhood. Whether it's just your closest friends or everyone is included, check out these great spots for your celebration.

Sitio Weddings and Events

Photo: Der Norden Photography

Linens & Decor: Fine Event Design

Planning: Greene Frame Events

Depending on your budget and style, Duluth and surrounding areas have many great options. Next time you're at a restaurant, ask if they have a private room. Many hotels in the area have modern and sizeable meeting spaces that can adapt to any theme. Keep your eyes open for celebration venue options!

Below are some of our favorite spaces around Duluth and Superior, but be sure to subscribe to our blog to be kept in the loop for more great venues, tips, and tricks.

Sitio Weddings and Events

Located just outside of Duluth in Esko is Sitio Weddings and Events, also is Hammerlund Nursery, nature is abundant! See their Greenhouse pictured above, the perimeter is surrounded by flowers - what better backdrop! Give plants out as prizes or even "tickets" for your guests to pick out a plant at Hammerlund.

Bayview Room - The Garden

This sizeable room is located on the top floor of The Garden in Canal Park. The room is light, and airy, also has a stellar patio overlooking the harbor by blue bridge and William A. Irvin. The lighting is great for getting great pictures and any theme will work in the space. Chivari chairs are included that give an elegant feel, but just be aware there is no elevator access. The food from Bellisio's is exceptional, perfect for Sunday Brunch.

Our two favorite games for a bridal shower are the Dice Game, can't go wrong with a classic and who doesn't love getting a candle! A bit biased, but the Movie Quote Game - match the quote with the romantic movie - great game for the venue below!

West Theatre

This new gem in good ol' West Duluth is a stunner. Rebuilt to its original glory in one of our favorite styles, art deco, the West Theatre offers private screenings and events. Have a slideshow of you and your boo as guests walk in and find their seats. Screen your favorite movie together or make it a theme with your friends and family as they enjoy popcorn. There's also a small room for catering options and mingling. See how cute their lobby is below:

Bailey Builds

West Duluth is thriving! Bailey Builds is a beautiful, artistic gem. Built from an old 1930s gas station, a unique and versatile space that has an architectural coziness. Expect to get Instagram-worthy pictures at every corner. The space is more intimate, so a guest count of 32 would be comfortable. The artwork is also available for purchase so it's like a preview before you buy!

Pilot House - Pier B Resort

If you have a smaller guest count, between 20-40 people, the Pilot House room at Pier B has a rustic but modern feel with gorgeous views of the harbor and marina. The food from Silos is also AMAZING! A larger option is their Rooftop Harborside Deck that overlooks the gorgeous Lift Bridge, just be aware catering options are limited outside. Catalina Wine Mixer would be a great theme!

Ballin' on a budget? - VIP Pizza in Superior

Grand Colosseum Ballroom is cute, but large banquet room with a capacity of 165 people so you'll have plenty of space to spread out. It has a feeling of Italy with beautiful murals on the walls that are delicate and bright! We also love the cooky, campy women's bathroom! Their Galleria room is also great for small groups.

You deserve to be showered with love!

Check out all these great places in person and see what suits you best. Be sure to keep your eyes open for venue opportunities and subscribe to our blog for more suggestions and favorites. Click here to subscribe and feel free to leave a comment below.

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