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Top 5 : No officiant, no wedding.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Choosing the right wedding officiant for you.

Not all wedding officiants are created equal.

When my friends Lindsay and Aron asked me to officiate their wedding, I was shocked. I had never thought I'd be the one standing up saying I Do, even if it's followed with, "Repeat after me." Being a wedding officiant is something so special to me that I continue to perform ceremonies for friends and family. Like me, many officiants start with a friend or family asking them to be a critical part of their day. Let me repeat that: a CRITICAL part of your day. Before you think about asking that cousin, consider these factors before you propose to your officiant.

Here are my top 5 things to consider before selecting your officiant or asking a family member/friend.

Good at public speaking

This may seem like an obvious question, but people forget to really ask: are you comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. People may be charismatic in conversation, but constructing a script to solidify your day is another story. You want someone who works well under pressure, can they handle it?

Organized & Communication

Meet with you during the planning process to create a connection with you. The officiant is responsible for getting the right documentation to legalize the wedding. If you don't have a marriage license, you don't have a marriage.

Do they fit the style of your ceremony?

Serious ceremony – don’t want a jokester officiant. Lighthearted and short – drags on and on. Doesn’t match your views.

Have a point!

Getting married cannot be the point – it’s a given – duh! Knowing your why!

Do they understand your goals for marriage, the wedding? There should be a "plot/point" to your story and can they communicate it?

Speak from the heart.

Do they know you? Just because someone knows you personally, doesn’t mean they know both of you enough and can see you. People can hear sincerity. Are they honest with their message? Not cookie-cutter - you don't want someone who basically strings together every movie romantic quote.

You gotta have it!

Often overlooked, wedding officiants are the most important person for your wedding, because without them you wouldn't be legally married. When in doubt, hire a professional!

We can help you find the perfect officiant for you. Click here to schedule a free consultation and let's build the perfect wedding for you!

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